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  • Example: Guatemala Resume Dominican Republic Medical Mission Trip
  • Applicant’s Name as It Appears in Passport (Last, First Middle): McAteer, Adam Leonard
  • Age: 24
  • Sex: Male
  • Address: 2955 NE 190th St, APT 304
  • City Aventura
  • State FL
  • Zip Code 33180
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown Cranston, RI
  • Part B: Interest Level High
  • How did you hear about the scholarship?
    Through Barry University as a member of the Podiatry school's medical missions club.
  • Describe your work or volunteer (if any, and it’s ok to not have any) experience that has focused on serving underrepresented or underserved communities in the United States or abroad.
    MY final year of high school I completed my first mission trip, which served a rural region in Canto Grande, Peru. The trip largely focused on building small houses in the mountains, helping renovate schools, and volunteering at an orphanage for children with traumatic injuries and complications from birth. Additionally, previously volunteered as a visitor experience associate at the Providence Children's Museum in my home state of Rhode Island. The museum had a program in partnership with the Department of Children Youth and Families, as well as certain government health insurance policies, specifically for granting free admission to low income families and children who have been placed in foster care.
  • What are the primary goals that you hope to achieve for your chosen medical mission project?
    Primarily, my intention is to utilize the skills I have begun to learn in our podiatry program to improve the overall well-being of those in need that I encounter on this trip. Additionally, the physical assistance in conjunction with working with other students and doctors to help educate patients on how to best care for themselves to promote healing will hopefully be a result of this trip as well. Given my status as a new student, much of this will be an educational experience for me in which I will hopefully use in future mission trips I intend on participating in.
  • What are your reasons for wanting to volunteer on a medical mission project?
    I went on my first mission trip when I was in high school and felt very confident I would attend another someday. However, I knew I wanted my future mission trip to be related to medicine considering the nature of my future career. I developed a passion for serving others many years ago beginning simply with community service in middle school, all the way to reconstruction of demolished areas in New Orleans that are still being revived more than a decade after Hurricane Katrina. A wide range of projects across many years allowed me to maintain my hopes for continued work in service, both medical and non-medical.
  • Explain how your professional education, work experiences, volunteer experiences, and personal skills will benefit you and those you will serve on the medical mission project.
    My educational background in the sciences, as well as current medical education, provides a foundation for understanding the medical benefit of what we will perform on the trip. Working in any medical setting, both in school and practices that I have worked in, demands an empathetic personality that can communicate effectively while still catering to the understanding of each person as an individual. Everyone communicates in a unique way, and such a variety of educational background and medical observation has granted me many opportunities for enhancing my interpersonal skills. Considering the location of the trip, having a background in the Spanish language will also help me communicate effectively with those I will serve on the trip, as well as those who will be serving with me.
  • Explain how you will evaluate your project’s success, including performance of specific goals and other results you hope to achieve.
    Upon completion of this trip, I will have a greater understanding of my particular medical field that will be evident upon successful completion and/or assistance in all aspects of the respective medical care to be offered to those we will serve. Working alongside my older peers and the attending physician, I will be able to evaluate the project's success based on both my application of the medical practices, as well as the satisfaction of those I serve in need of assistance. Evaluation of this project's success will not be limited simply to these criteria, but also upon my return if that knowledge can be shared for the benefit of others, particularly those who will attend another trip in the coming years.
  • Name of Medical School:  
    Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine
  • Address of Medical School:  
    11300 NE 2nd AvenueMiami Shores, FL 33161
  • Name of Dean of Students: Dr. Bryan Caldwell
  • Telephone Number of Dean of Students:   305 899 3249
  • 1. Name: Dr. Linda M. Thornton, DPM
  • City, State, Zip Code  
    Cranston, RI 02920
  • Telephone Number: 401 580 4236
  • 2. Name: Maria Harrison
  • City, State, Zip Code  
    Hollywood, FL 33021
  • Telephone Number: 954 609 9110
  • 3. Name: Kara Brown
  • City, State, Zip Code  
    Newport, RI 02840
  • Telephone Number: 781 249 3400




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